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Durapet Stainless Steel Bowls

My husband and I were on a hunt for a cat bowl which couldn’t be easily flipped over.  Our boys have a habit of batting the water in their bowls (for whatever odd reason) and chasing each other around the house at break-neck speed (causing them to run into things; namely their bowls).  We saw this product on one of our pet food-shopping outings and wanted to give this a try.  I wouldn’t say that it’s 100% splatter proof even with its high walls (filled no more than 40% with water and with at least two re-fillings per day) but I haven’t seen it flip over yet so I believe it’s at least partially successful.  The bowl is easily cleaned and is lighter than a porcelain bowl its size (we opted for the larger size).  If you are at your wits’ end, give Durapet a try.  I also understand they have a slow-feed bowls as well for animals who tend to “inhale” or “shovel” their food and those with other digestive issues.

*Photocredit: Durapet

Meal Time

This is Stella’s favorite time of day besides when being rewarded with treat(s). I’ve kept her on Merrick’s for several months now and she has responded well to it- no abnormal sensitivities or constipation. Her favorites are their “Wingalings” and “Smothered Comfort.” I was really surprised to see actual pieces of chicken e.g. chicken wing in the can!

Neo’s favorite is Merrick’s Grammys’ Pot Pie (canned food with the quality of people food) mixed with his favorite dry food. His coat feels and looks wonderful and he has maintained healthy weight ever since I started him on it.

I used to lug these groceries home so their free shipping is of course greatly appreciated!

Calvin loves his IAMs (nothing else will do for him). He is not allowed to free-feed on kibbles anymore, as was advised by his vet. He was 21 lbs. when we met in 2001.