Calvin “The Wonder Cat”

Adopted in July, 2005 as Jumper, later re-named Calvin, from North Shore Animal League America ( Calvin was born on ~June 1, 1994… A cat with the most impeccable table manners; generous with his affectionate head butts and love bites on one’s toes. We met for the first time November, 2001 in Cobble Hill, New York- a handsome, soft, fluffy, and round tuxedo cat came to greet me while I sat on the couch.

Calvin Cat Tunnel, January 2008
Calvin Cat Tunnel, January 2008

Calvin Loves:

Some independent time, some family time

Fresh catnip (loves to roll around in it)

Jumping into a box filled with packing peanuts

Crinkly cat tunnels

Being brushed

Ham, roast beef, kibbles from a gravity feeder

Sleeping on his back, paws gently folded up

Warm breeze from an open window


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