About Stella Olivia

Stella was born on March 15, 2006 into a litter of one brother and five sisters. Stella’s mom, Babe, is a brown short-haired chihuahua with black markings. Stella’s dad, Buddy, is a red long-haired chihuahua with a white patch underneath. She has her mom’s looks with just a hint of her dad. Stella is both sweet and saucy at times.

  1. Is the Chief Approval Officer.
  2. Her best friend is a yellow giraffe named Jerry.
  3. Would be perfectly content to free-feed on treats alone.
  4. Loves lounging near a window so she can see everything that’s going on.
  5. Loves to play ball (her competitive streak really shows).
  6. Loves to travel with mommy and daddy.
  7. Has the good fortune of easy-going feline brothers.
  8. Loves to nap in her lazy lounger.
  9. Named after the gifted fashion designer, Stella McCartney.
  10. Is a great shopping companion.

She has had four adopted feline brothers:

Captain Neo (a Siamese mix) R.I.P.
Calvin (a black and white American short-hair) R.I.P.
Jake (magic black domestic short-hair)
Opie (brown tabby domestic short-hair)

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