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Durapet Stainless Steel Bowls

My husband and I were on a hunt for a cat bowl which couldn’t be easily flipped over.  Our boys have a habit of batting the water in their bowls (for whatever odd reason) and chasing each other around the house at break-neck speed (causing them to run into things; namely their bowls).  We saw this product on one of our pet food-shopping outings and wanted to give this a try.  I wouldn’t say that it’s 100% splatter proof even with its high walls (filled no more than 40% with water and with at least two re-fillings per day) but I haven’t seen it flip over yet so I believe it’s at least partially successful.  The bowl is easily cleaned and is lighter than a porcelain bowl its size (we opted for the larger size).  If you are at your wits’ end, give Durapet a try.  I also understand they have a slow-feed bowls as well for animals who tend to “inhale” or “shovel” their food and those with other digestive issues.

*Photocredit: Durapet