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Jake & Opie’s Christmas Wishlist

Jake isn’t normally a very demanding cat except for some scraps of attention during prime kitty time (when I’m retiring for the night).  Overall, he’s been a pretty good cat this year (minus the times he’s acted as Opie’s scout) so his stocking won’t be filled with a lump of coal but with some of his favorite goodies.  He still has a bunch of new fleece catnip-stuffed fortune cookies which he hasn’t gone through yet so…  this year he will receive a couple of replacement mice stuffed with catnip by CFA.  Like the fortune cookie, he happily carries this toy in his mouth throughout the house.  Sometimes we play fetch so he bounds up and down the stairs with the mouse to perpetuate our little game.  No doubt that boy must have been a dog in his previous life!  His current mouse is in poor but well-loved shape.

Opie has been a bit naughtier this year with his adamant counter-surfing and food pilfering behavior; however, not enough to warrant a lump of coal in his stocking either.  I do understand that the diet the boys were placed on by their veterinarian has taken a hard toll on them so every once in a while I do treat them with a few morsels each of Feline Greenies (they seem to prefer the fish flavors).  They will each be receiving some bags of Greenies in their stockings.  Opie isn’t as into toys as much as Jake so I will have to make up the difference somehow.

*Photocredit: Petco & Greenies