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Spread Some Holiday Cheer! Please Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays!

Petfinder.com’s third annual Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays Campaign is fast approaching so I really wanted to blog about this important topic in support of their cause.  To be honest I have not had the pleasure of such an experience because my husband and I have always had a full house.  Two to three furbabies is unfortunately all we can handle at this time.  I really wish we could take more in; I miss my Neo terribly and miss having a meezer around.

I’m going to highlight Petfinder’s conversation regarding the reasons to foster; however, I encourage you to visit their blog for a more detailed look at their post.  Please also visit Petfinder.com- your future best friend is hoping you will find them.

*Reference: 3rd. Annual Petfinder’s Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays Campaign

  1. Giving shelters and rescue groups extra help during a time of year when they are usually short-staffed.
  2. Giving other foster parents a chance to travel or just take a break.
  3. Freeing up a spot so the shelter or rescue group can take in another pet.
  4. Giving your foster pet the time he or she needs to be ready for adoption. (Learn common reasons pets need foster homes).
  5. Helping the shelter or rescue group learn more about the pet so he can end up in the home best suited to him.
  6. Socializing the pet to a home environment and possibly getting him used to being around other pets and different types of people.

As much as we hear about or see injustices around the world, I believe that there’s always something that can be done to send good karma back out into the world.   Fostering/rescuing a soul is definitely one of these things.