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Invisible Cats & Dogs

I meant to blog about the topic of invisible cats and dogs for a while now; sorry for the delay.  I’m not sure who began this campaign but does it really matter since it advocates for such a worthy cause.  The original campaign also reads “invisible dogs” but I think the issue applies to all homeless animals be they cat, dog, rabbit, horses, etc since they are all looking for, need, and are deserving of a loving forever home.  This is also a 24/7 concern as well.  As you know, many healthy animals continue to be euthanized due to over-population and over-crowding in certain shelters.  This is very disturbing and saddens me deeply.

This is an exerpt by Best Friends Animal Society:

“We’ll give you a few clues: some are playful pups, others are wise seniors. Some like long mountainous hikes, others prefer an uptown stroll. Most love belly rubs and lounging on couches with their people. All of them want a family of their own, and all have lots of love to give.

They sound just like regular dogs, right?

You guessed it, they are exactly like the dogs you see all around you… with one major difference… most of us don’t see them.

Right now in your community, there are likely thousands of Invisible Dogs wishing someone like you would see them. They are tucked away in shelters, far from the eyes and thoughts of people who could spring them from their kennels and take them home.
So thanks for joining Best Friends to help these dogs be seen. Together, we can bring Invisible Dogs into the spotlight – and help them go home.”

Shelter animals really make the best pets and I do know this by personal experience.  Know that you are also saving and enriching a life.  The world needs good karma. It starts with you. Please consider a shelter adoption before considering anything else.

*Reference: www.invisibledogs.org